About us.

Meet 62 year old Deanna, 2nd eldest of 6 siblings, mother of 4 children, grandmother of 4 also. Born in St Kitts in the Carribean. Moved to Wales in the United kingdom at just 2 years old, where she has been ever since. Deanna is the epitome of what a strong black women looks like, Divorced at 32 years of age, she became a single mother of 3 at the time, raising a 14, 12 & 6yr old.


Forced to find a way to support her family and clear the debt her ex husband left behind with no support from him what's so ever, she embarked on her journey of self discovery and independence as a black women living in the western world.


Fast forward to now, Deanna found her niche in the cut throat world of direct sales, her C.V. over the last 3 decades reads impressive to say the least, having worked for global companies and outshining the best of the best, she now has her own brokerage company overseeing thousands of energy contracts in the b2b sector.


Now having worked tirelessly over the last 3 decades to place herself in a position where she could slow down a little and enjoy the fruits of her labour, Deanna has decided that she has more energy than ever and would now like to channel that energy towards her passions, and shine the spotlight where it rarely gets pointed.


Towards strong black female/male pioneers of our generation. The one's that have contributed towards modern day society significantly, yet to this day, in the year 2020 have failed to be recognised, as these great women/men should be, on a global scale.


On that note, Deanna would like to welcome you all to HerStoryGiftCards.com.